Singapore crowded

My Comments: I am away from Singapore for about two months now but look what happened to Singapore! The train platform is ridiculously crowded and the worse thing is, the authorities can't do anything about it. As the Singapore government allows more foreigners in, no doubt the problem of overcrowding will escalate and become worse. I will return back to Singapore in July 2012. By then, I hope the authorities will have found a solution to this problem. 

Crowds at the Circle Line platform of Bishan MRT station at peak hour yesterday evening. Commuters at the interchange station, which connects to the North-South Line, say the line has become more crowded since the last 12 Circle Line stations opened. — ST PHOTO: MUGILAN RAJASEGERAN

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10 Responses to If You Think China has a lot of People, This Picture Shows How Crowded Singapore Is

  1. Anonymous says:

    The train doesn't work. Obviously it's crowded. Why blame FT or govt.

    • Shun Gui says:

      Should blame Government ( for lax immigration policies ) and SMRT / SBS ( for their “everytime spoil” trains )

  2. Anonymous says:

    China does have a lot of people, that why they have over spilled over here!

    • Shun Gui says:

      In fact, if you think of it, I think there’s about 1 million PRCs in Singapore? Not the mention those from other countries as well. We Singaporeans have actually became the minority in Singapore….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank PAP for their brillant idea for import the FTs. The people who suffered most are the locals. This is no Singapore I came to know. All things now haywired. They make Singapore citizenship so cheap. Thank PAP…

  4. Anonymous says:

    a governments job is to devide an conquer the population,an seperate,an stop people coming together .by breaking down their minds,as they can nmever defeat 7 billion is futile to think so. so they must keep peoples minds week. an the people acttually still dont realise how powerfull each individual can be.for  example the chinese man in front of the tanks at tianamen square.
                          so that the poeple are always kept to busy an poor to realise that PEOPLE are the true energy on this planet an without the poepl they is no government. but they want u too think there is nothing without government. but  people are the power an people run the world. i think we all just got a bit distracted with to many fake gadgets an new gods (money)(famous celerbities). it is time for the people to come together an rise for a beautifull future without these current governments to seperate all the poepl of the world. much love an peace to U

  5. Yong says:

    "Public support infrastructure" you say? No way! It's all about $$$$$. No way they're gonna invest to cater exponentially to the demand. It's a privatised firm running the Public Transport system and bottom line is all they care about. Meeting year-on-year profit is the number one thing, the rest? Who cares.

    • Shun Gui says:

      To a certain extent, I think that is true……. SMRT is more interested in their profits rather than solving the overcrowding situation

  6. Anonymous says:

    the government wants to stop people from driving, yet the public support infrastructure can't take the current load, let alone the extra load. such is the state of the incompetence of the Singapore government. all they do is allow the profit-driven public transport operators to raise the fares every now & then, & at the same time rip drivers off with ever increasing costs of owning & using their cars.

    • Shun Gui says:

      Yes, the public transport infrastructure is absolutely impossible to take the current load. Now COE is so expensive, who can afford to buy car? If cannot buy car, then have to take public transport. That is why the train system is becoming more and more overload…… The policies are not sound……

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