I was quite free yesterday and I received some waxing strips from my room mate so I went to try them out. 

It was a hell of an experience.

As they say, a picture tells a thousand words. I am naturally hairy so you can image the pain. haha maybe you can even hear my screams inside these images.

i waxed my leg (15)

First try on thigh area.


i waxed my leg (14)

Close up shot of thigh area


i waxed my leg (13)

My two friends AKA waxing assistants 

i waxed my leg (12)



i waxed my leg (11)

Close up shot after applying after wax care


i waxed my leg (10)

Look at the stark contrast!


i waxed my leg (9)

My smooth leg VS my female friend's 'naturally' smooth leg. I think mine's smoother.


i waxed my leg (8)

Close up shot of mine and my female friend's hairless leg


i waxed my leg (7)

Look at those hair!


i waxed my leg (6)

I tried 8 waxing strips in total


i waxed my leg (5)

RIP my leg hair(s)


i waxed my leg (4)

RIP my leg hair(s). You will not be remembered.


i waxed my leg (3)


i waxed my leg (2)

The next day. 

Left leg – Original leg

Right leg – Work in progress



i waxed my leg (1)

I will follow up this post with an update once I get new waxing strips!



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One Response to I Waxed My Leg And Now My Leg Is Smoother Than My Girlfriend’s

  1. Elin says:

    Hi Pauline,Great, please let us know when it’s your turn to ring the weidndg bell okie? Besides Actual Day, we do solemnisation and pre-weidndg bridal shoot (outdoor/indoor). But generally we don’t do indoor studio shoots cos personally I myself find the poses cheesy, and putting me in an enclosed environment with nothing but a room of equipment and props, I’ll feel tensed up and awkward. So I prefer an outdoor environment, or indoor environment like cafes or somewhere which Raymond and I frequently hang out. At least I’ll not feel so stressed up. Sure, do drop by anytime! But of course have to let us know beforehand in case we’re out for shoots or away from Town. Hehe. I actually gained another 2kg within the past one month!! Argh!! Very bad! Maybe we’ll grab some drinks, but count me out for the makan. I must diet! Glad we’re one of the causes & effects in your life!! So happy to know that you’re constantly upgrading and improving yourself!! Going by pure instinct kickstarts everything ya? I’m sure you’ll progress much faster with the experimentation and perhaps some reading and guidance. No problem, we’ll definitely keep you in the loop, and i’m sure you’d have improved leaps and bounds with your positive attitude! – Angeline

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