For 24 passport sized photo, would you pay $0.75 or $36 ?


Super cheap passport photos

The other day, I found THE cheapest way to make passport photos! The usual rate is about $6 for 4 pieces, if taken at those normal shops or automated passport photo machine. Here’s how I did it:

1) I realised that 8 pieces of passport size photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm) can fit into a 4R sized photo ( about 15cm x 9xm )

2) I took my own picture using a normal camera, and cropped and edited the size of the photo such that the ratio is in 4.5 : 3.5

3) Using IrfanView, I created a paranorma picture like this:

4) I went to Harvey Norman and printed 3x 4R size photo, which costed me a total of SGD$0.75 !  ( 25 cents each ).

5) If I had went to a normal photo shop to take my passport photo instead, it would have costed me 6 x $6 = $36  instead !


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3 Responses to How to Take Super Cheap Passport Photos (24 pieces for 75 cents)

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